5 Facts About Marine Air Terminal at LGA

1. Terminal A, known as the Marine Air Terminal (MAT), opened on March 31, 1940.

2. Pan America launched their FIRST luxury transatlantic flight that day to Lisbon, Portugal.

3. In the main lobby, there once was a circular ticket counter that sat in the middle of the rotunda. That ticket counter is the only thing missing from the original state of the terminal. Today, a large bust of Fiorello La Guardia stands in its place.

4. "Flight," a 12 ft tall mural, by James Brooks circles the room. The mural was completed in 1940 as part of the Work Projects Administration during the Great Depression. The mural pays homage to Da Vinci, the Wright Brothers, and Pan Am.

5. In 1982 the Marine Air Terminal was placed on the Historical Register of Historic Places.

Insider Tip: If you are flying on a shuttle service to another major city in the North East chances are you'll come here anyways, but if you're not, don't worry! Shuttles run every 10 minutes, so you can take one there and back well within one hour.


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