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Updated: Jun 21, 2018

This is one of many posts to come highlighting top travel routes and airports out of Nashville International Airport (BNA).

Animal relief areas, mother's nursing stations, kids corner, free WiFi, charging stations, and art exhibitions have fortunately become a norm for most airports. The Philadelphia International Airport (PHL) delivers these new expectations with its own established charm.

Food & Drinks

There are four Chickie's & Pete's in PHL, so you don't have to search for Crab Fries or cheesesteak (classic, chicken, or seafood style!) Grab a pretzel from Daily Philly Pretzels, Philly Bends & Twists, Philly Pretzel Factory, Philly Pretzels, Philly Soft Pretzels, or even Yummy Pretzels! Can you tell pretzels are a Philly staple? If you have difficulty finding what you're craving, then the Airport Concessions Program can probably assist.

If you've got a sweet tooth, check out Red Mango (Terminal F) or Pinkberry (Terminal C) for a treat. Grab a Pinot Noir and cured meats from Vino Volo (Terminals B/D) to forget you're in an airport for an hour or two. And if you have to follow your Whole30 diet, then World Bean (Terminal C) and Healthy Gourmet (Terminal A) might just keep you from succumbing to the surrounding gluttony

Here is a full list of restaurants at PHL.


Sometimes we get stuck at an airport longer than we anticipated and have to entertain ourselves *insert eye roll*. As Theodore Roosevelt said, "Do what you can, with what you have, where you are". Here's what you can do at the Philadelphia International Airport:

Check out any of the art exhibits throughout the airport! You'll get an interesting perspective on Philly history and modern developments in the city.

Fear not! Antsy children do not have to suffer from boredom (layover or not), thanks to PHL. Visit the Kid's Corner section of the website to access printouts, so you can educate your children about the airport, AND keep them busy. (There is a children's play area in Terminal A-East for when the novelty of paper entertainment inevitably wears off. Don't forget your sanitizing wipes!)

The Liberty USO  equipped with amenities and services for military personnel and their families is located on the secure side, near gate A5.

Beyond the Airport

Layovers happen, but they could be in a worse city than Philadelphia. The first thought that comes to mind when you hear "Philly" is probably "Liberty Bell" or "Cheesesteak". Neither is wrong, and you probably won't have to choose between the two!

Locals say walking around Independence National Historical Park is worth the stop. Turns out, the park is just about a 15-minute drive from PHL, so it's perfect for an extended layover! Don't worry about rushing between locations because there are plenty of places to eat and shop around here. If you have time to plan ahead, you probably want to snag a reservation at City Tavern for a unique dining experience. With the colonial-clad staff serving customers, it wouldn't be surprising if a Founding Father walked right in (wooden teeth and all). City Tavern and the Independence Visitor Center both have gift shops, so you can grab a last-minute souvenir.

There you have it. A 30-minute round trip, an eccentric dining experience, and a history lesson, all within one layover!

Insider Tip: Did you know PHL sits on land that used to be known as "Hog Island"? Apparently, Italian immigrants working in the Old Navy Yard used to make sandwiches out of various cheeses and meats. As a result, this became known as the "Hog Island" sandwich... now know as the hoagie!

Visit the Philadelphia Market Place website for detailed information on everything PHL offers.

Original post by Emily McMahon


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