• Chelsea Pacella

Black and Yellow Love

Sportzburgh is a paradise for die-hard fans of the city of champions, home of the Pittsburgh Penguins, the Pirates, and the Steelers. The store features an abundance of very exquisite and unique items ranging from Steelers gloves with pom-pom tipped fingers to Penguins scarves to cool Pirates shades. Sportzburgh is a must stop for those looking to bring home a TRUE Pittsburgh gift.

Insider Tip #1: You can also get your Black and Gold fix at the Black and Gold store in the Departures Terminal!

Insider Tip #2: Terrible Towels are excellent presents! They pack easily and are one of the least expensive piece of memorabilia you can buy! Not to mention a Pittsburgh staple.

Sportzburgh is located in the Arrivals Terminal/AIRMALL. Black and Gold store is located in departure terminal before security.


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