How To: Affordable European Vacation

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

6 Money-Saving Tips as You Plan Your European Trip

Europe is one of the top dream vacation spots. The culture, the history, and the landscape make it a hot travel spot. However, a trip to Europe might be on the pricy side due to expensive flights. These tips will take the weight off of your wallet.

#1 Leverage Frequent Flyer Miles

Get more out of your credit card spending by choosing a card that rewards you with frequent flyer miles …before you know it, you can earn a free ticket! Look for a credit card with a low or no annual fee and a big mileage bonus to optimize your benefit. Then you can put typical expenses that you are paying over a period of time on the card and watch the miles accumulate! Another clever trick is to make an agreement with family and friends that if they give you a check ahead of time they can put something on your credit card. That way you have even easier way to build up your credit.

#2 Important Last Minute Deals

Mark down United Airlines’ E-fares Tuesday on your calendar, they have great deals set up for the weekend and the following weekend. You could even find a ticket to Europe for a few hundred! If you have a spur of the moment trip, a site that can become your travel buddy is

#3 Be Flexible About Travel Times

If you leave early or late, it will pay off because you will save money on your flight. The week holds some potentially affordable travel days, so look for flights on Tuesdays, Thursdays, or Saturdays which are usually the days that airlines offer the most discounted prices.

#4 A Savvy Shopper Can Easily Save Money

Expedia and Priceline are great sites to find the perfect deal. You should compare the airline prices with the prices on these sites. Why? Well, for example with an airline like United Fare, if you find a flight lower than an Expedia and Priceline deal they will match it and give you $50 off the next flight you want to book. Sweet, you just earned yourself a deal on your next vacation. What a great way to save ahead of time!

#5 A Good Season is Off-Season

If you travel during spring and fall, the price of tickets is lower.  Beware of the cost of flights around “the shoulder season” (aka Easter and Christmas time), which can be the most expensive times to book flights and accommodations. Fall and spring travel can mean up to 10 times in savings! If your planning for March and November, in between spring break, and before summer these are usually the times to find the best deals to save you some green backs.

#6 Low Fares to New Destinations

Once new routes are established by an airline, they promote it with super low introductory rates that you won’t want to miss out on.


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