Deli-ciousness at Caplansky's Delicatessen

If you weren’t already planning a trip to beautiful Toronto, a city that boasts a thriving food scene, maple syrup, and the antics of Mayor Rob Ford, let me entice you with three simple words: Pastrami. Brisket. Jewish Deli. Okay, so that’s four words, but Caplansky’s Delicatessan in Terminal 3 in Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) has got me so farklempt I can barely count. Owner Zane Caplanky is renown for the mammoth portions, high quality and flavor of locally sourced ingredients, and all-around deliciousness of his sandwiches and platters of “Jewish soul food”, and now visitors to Toronto can experience the gut-busting comfort for themselves.

Some highlights from the menu: The Rubenesque, a powerhouse of smoked meat, sauerkraut, Swiss cheese, and Russian dressing served on toasty grilled rye bread. Oh, you require more meat in your airport lunch? No problem, try the tangy Meatloaf Sandwich on a ciabatta bun. Oh, you’re a professional Deli connoisseur, I apologize, I should have directed you to the BBQ Beef Brisket platter, a glorious symphony of meat, onion and tomato swimming in a sea of molasses and cider vinegar. If you haven’t already bought your ticket to Canada at this point, consider the Leaning Tower of Caplansky- a stack of thick French toast layered with cream cheese, blueberry jam. And beef bacon. That’s right, beef bacon.

Like any good Jewish deli, Caplansky’s also serves up knishes, potato latkes, and heaping salad platters. It’ll be a good thing you’ve already removed your belt to go through security prior to this meal, because you’ll need to make room for your airport feast. Caplansky’s also houses a second airport location, Caplansky’s Snack Bar, in Terminal 1. I’ll see you there, as I am now searching for tickets to Toronto and dreaming of smoked meats. What’s the weather like in Canada this month? Wishing you deli delights and tasty travels!

Insider Tip: Order the Leaning Tower of Caplansky to satisfy all of your meat and sweet cravings!

Caplansky's is located in Terminal 3 near gates 39 and 40. Caplansky's Snack bar is located in Terminal 1


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