Entertain those Travelin' Tots

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

Need a place to let your little ones have some fun during your layover? Check out Pittsburgh International Airport's Kidsport lounge. Bounded by a low wall, this spacious play area allows children to exert some energy and run around, enjoy television, or ride rocking airplane machines with a view of the real planes out the window. Equipped with its own bathrooms, Kidsport is an excellent amusement for the 5-and-under people in your crew.

Insider Tip: With 2100 sq. feet of play space, including an installment that lets the kiddies record video that's uploaded to a rotating wall in real time, new seating for adults, a mother's nursing station, this is the perfect place to let your little one burn off some energy before your flight.

Kidsport is located in Concourse C in Pittsburgh International Airport


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