• Chelsea Pacella

Ever Wanted a Drink on the Fly?

Take a look around Nashville Airport. Smell the southern food? Hear the live music? Do you wish you could walk around and enjoy it, maybe with an ice cold beer in your hand? Well guess what... Now you can! Thanks to BNA's *exclusive* airport-wide liquor and beer licenses, those of legal drinking age (21+) can now consume their alcoholic beverages anywhere in the airport! They call this revolutionary program Drinks on the Go, and you might have seen signs for it already. So instead of sitting at the bar, missing out on all the other great things this airport has to offer, ask for a to-go cup and get to enjoying some live music or a relaxing pedicure!

Insider Tip: It's not a trip to Nashville if you don't stop at a local brewery's kiosk inside the airport. Yazoo Beer offers Pale Ale, Dos Perros, Hefeweizen, Hop Project, and sometimes Sue on tap from 11AM until 8pm every day, and Tennessee Brew Works' selections include Southern Wit, Walk the Lime, Extra Easy, Cutaway IPA, Bluff City and Country Roots.

Original post by Emily McMahon


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