Fast Forward Through Security: TSA Pre-Check

In late 2012, The Transportation Security Administration’s Pre-check program was established to get passengers through security more efficiently, which means more time to shop and grab that last minute snack before your flight! This expedited service can be found at more than 200 airports and is associated with 47 different airlines. If you already have Global Entry, you simply need to add your Known Traveler Number (The CBP added to your passport when you were approved) into your reservation to take advantage of this expedited service. You can use the "pre-check" service once you sign up for a 5-year-membership for $85 and are approved. In addition, the U.S. Armed Forces like those in the Coast Guard, Reserves and National Guard who reserve with their ID number can use the Pre-check lanes too. Travel made easy!

If you are an American or Canadian seeking more info on using this service, check out this link:


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