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ScentoGo Travel Accessory Perfume Atomizer Carry On Friendly

Let’s be honest - flying sure can be a hassle. From cramming all your luggage into a single suitcase, to making sure it’s under the weight limit, to successfully getting all that luggage through airport security, these are the universal truths of travel that we all must abide by. Still, new and improved travel gadgets are being released every day, in the hopes of lessening our travel headaches. Here’s a few of our favorite travel accessories!

ScentoGo Portable Perfume Atomizer Travel Perfume Bottle Fragrance Holder TSA Carry On Friendly


Say goodbye to bulky perfume and cologne bottles. ScentoGo is a compact portable perfume holder that allows you to take your favorite fragrance with you anywhere you go. With 6 fun colors, this easy-to-fill perfume atomizer is not only perfect for getting through airport security, but is guaranteed to become an everyday necessity. From the gym, to a big presentation, ScentoGo will travel with you wherever you go. Order yours online today!


Keeping all your devices charged while on the go is a difficult task. Leave the days of being attached to an outlet in the past. FuelRod is a reusable, portable charger that can give your tablets and smartphones hours of extra battery life. With Fuel Rod stations in airports across the country, you can easily exchange empty fuel rods for a fresh one, or simply recharge your FuelRod with a USB adapter. Never miss important flight and boarding updates due to a dead battery every again.

Luggage Lock TSA Safe Keeping

TSA Luggage Lock

Something that is never easy to obtain while traveling is privacy. A trip to the airport is always accompanied by a feeling of anxiety that stems from carrying all your valuables with you and being surrounded by strangers. TSA Luggage Locks are a cheap and effective way to ensure your personal items are safe from any baggage-curious flyers. In a recent study, it was estimated that approximately 8,000 claims for lost or stolen items were made against the TSA in 2016-2017. A TSA Luggage Lock will give you the peace of mind you deserve!

Carry On Cocktail

Okay, so this MAY not be an “essential travel accessory” (we still think it is) but it certainly can’t hurt to have while on the go. Created by W&P, these unique cocktail kits can satisfy any drink craving. With over 10 different cocktail flavors including bloody mary, moscow mule, and the classic old fashion, these are the perfect way to relax while 40,000 feet up. Get free shipping with an order of $50 or more today!

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