Get Artsy at MIA

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

Bored at the airport? These airport art installations are guaranteed to entertain and amaze.

Harmonic Convergence

The art experience will begin for many at Miami International Airport with Harmonic Convergence, a 72-foot-long window wall with diamond-shaped panes of glass in 150 transparent colors. The installation by architect and composer Christopher Janney creates a gradually changing pattern of colors, similar to a rainbow. It was installed a few months ago in an airport entrance by a people-mover walkway. Travelers will hear sounds Janney recorded during trips to the Florida Everglades, scuba dives in the ocean, and other natural environments. At the top of each hour, a short composition with percussion instruments plays, marking the time of day.


Reflecting Miami’s diverse culture, Carybé’s art in many ways captures the city’s multi-ethnic flavor. His art is infused with the vibrant colors, rich culture and mystic religious traditions of Bahia, Brazil. Carybé’s celebration of life and respect for cultural diversity are qualities he shares with the Miami community, making MIA the perfect home for his murals.


If you are a Miami or Sao Paolo native, there’s a great chance you’ve seen work by Britto, the pop-art genius. Romero Britto’s colorful masterpieces dot those cities — and this store gives you a chance to bring the art home. Simply, this might be the perfect “non-tchotchke” souvenir to bring back to remind you of your trip without emblazoning the name of the city across your chest.

Insider Tip: The Carybé murals had been on display in the American Airlines terminal at JFK Airport in New York. Originally installed in 1960, the murals were the result of a competition in which Carybé won first and second prizes. Massive in their scale, the site-specific works for the JFK Terminal were 16.5 x 53 feet each. After learning about the demolition of the JFK terminal containing the art, Odebrecht, a Brazilian company with strong ties to Carybé, began an initiative to salvage the artist’s murals through a partnership with American Airlines.


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