How to Keep your Vegan Diet at the Airport

Eating healthy on the fly is never easy. Even though the US has seen a 600% increase in veganism within the last three years (that’s right, 600%), it can seem nearly impossible to find vegan- and vegetarian-friendly airport dining options. Well fret no more! Sometimes you just need to know where to look in order to find healthy hotspots that appeal to a wide array of dining accommodations. Next time you fly, keep your eyes peeled for these healthy options!



Almost everyone is familiar with Chipotle’s fast-casual mexican dining, but not everyone realizes how many dietary restrictions they are able to cater to. From vegan and vegetarian to dairy- and gluten-free, Chipotle has something for everyone. Order a veggie burrito with vegan rice or a gluten free bowl with beans and guac! With airport locations all over the country, Chipotle is both cheap and accessible.

Cibo Express Gourmet MarketORD

If you’re looking for a variety of healthy treats, look no further than Cibo Express. With hundreds of pre-packed meals, along with an order-in deli, Cibo is the perfect on the go pitstop. In a hurry? Snag a vegan kale salad or a buffalo tofu wrap in a matter of seconds! Located in Terminal 2 of the main building, Cibo provides a fast dining experience from locally sourced ingredients.

Au Bon Pain


This popular Northeast bakery and cafe boasts speciality sandwiches, soups, salads, and breakfast meals. With a rotating seasonal menu, Au Bon Pain focuses on providing delicious gluten free and vegetarian cafe options. From wild mushroom bisque, to a chipotle black bean burger with avocado, this is not your typical airport eatery. Stop in and try their limited time menu today.

Real Food DailyLAX

Real Food Daily is the epitome of healthy eating, with an entirely meatless menu. Its unique food list is a veggie-inspired Mexican, Asian, American Fusion. From poke bowls and veggie tacos, to beet burgers and buffalo cauliflower pizza, this eclectic restaurant puts a meatless spin on everyone's favorite meals. Who knows, you may end up liking Real Food’s remix better than the original!

Original post by Matt McDonald.


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