Keep The Romance While On The Go

Even though the buzzing of holiday travel has come and gone, that doesn’t mean the everyday stresses that accompany flying have disappeared with it. February is fast approaching, and with it, the hardships of every travel month. As Valentine’s Day comes within sight, be sure to make time for relaxing and romantic activities, even while on the go. Here are some ways to express your appreciation, even while at the airport.

Terminal Massage

Flying almost always put a physical toll on the body. Whether it’s sitting in the same spot for hours, or contorting your body in order to keep your row-mates happy, airline travel causes a lot of unnecessary stress. That’s why receiving an airport massage is a great way to relax your muscles, get rid of lactic acid, and release all the stresses of flying. It’s quick, simple, and a romantic way to decompress with a loved one after a strenuous flight. With JFK, BOS, LAX, IAH, and many other airports offering these services, be sure to try it next time you fly!

Airport Florist

For as long as anyone can remember, flowers have been a great (and colorful) way to show someone you care. Dozens of airports offer in house florists that provide beautiful and timely delivered flowers at any time. Surprise your loved one with a professionally picked bouquet, with locations at CMH, SIN, LAS, and many others.

Sweet Treats

One thing every airport is rife with is food. From 5-star restaurants, to express pizza joints, some airports just have it all. So, it’s no surprise that there is often a surplus of delectable chocolate locations within the airport. From Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory in MSP, to Godiva Chocolate in BNA, these sweet treats are a universal must-especially on Valentine’s Day. Grab a heart shaped box of your favorite chocolate and split it with your most cherished travel companion.

Tie The Knot?

Were none of these V-day suggestions up your alley? This is only a suggestion...but why not tie the knot? That’s right, in 2018 Las Vegas McCarran International Airport opened a pop up marriage booth during Valentine’s Day, for any last second couples looking to get hitched. This certainly is one way to spice up your February travels. But unfortunately, it’s BYOP (Bring Your Own Priest)!

Original Post by Matt McDonald


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