Last Minute Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Updated: Jun 19, 2018

Calling all procrastinators! Father’s Day is just a few days away but that doesn’t mean it is too late to purchase an epic gift for the special guy in your life. We hunted down products you can purchase online and/or in the airport. Either way, no one will know you thought Father’s Day was next Sunday.


If your father enjoys a cigar, shops like Graycliff Cigar Company in the Nashville International Airport or Cuban Crafters in the Miami International Airport (MIA) have extensive selections.


Located in 120 plus airports, InMotion sells headphones by Apple, Sony, Beats by Dr. Dre, Bose, Skullcandy and more. Employees will assist you choose the best set of headphones for dad and his lifestyle

Golf Accessories

Not all dads golf but many do. Luckily there are PGA shops in many airports including San Diego International Airport, Palm Beach International Airport and Tampa International Airport

He can also practice at home with this practice chipping net and indoor putting mat.

Hybrid Watch

Help him keep better track of his health while simultaneously maintaining style. Hybrid watches are essentially analog smart watches that still give notifications and track heartrate, blood pressure, steps and sleep patterns.

Shaving Kit

Toss away his aerosol can and twelve pack of plastic two-blade razors for a high-quality and classic shaving kit.

Cooler, Grill Set Combo

A beer cooler with space for grilling utensils or a grill set with space for beer? Either way it’s both fun and practical for the beach, camping or a backyard barbeque.

Cup Holder Stakes

Because he can’t put his beer on the ground to just fall over.

Charging Station

Dad tired of everyone stealing his chargers? Get him his own charging station to keep on the bedside table or home office. This model is under 30 dollars and can charge up to six devices at once.

Keychain Reading Glasses

Ok so keychain reading glasses seems a little gimmicky at first but is actually quite practical. Especially for the stubborn men who insist they don’t need glasses.

Coffee Subscription Box

A one year subscription to Angel’s Cup is an exciting gift for coffee lovers who love to try new brews.

He doesn’t like coffee? There are also subscription boxes for olives, hot sauce, and grilling.

But of course, there is the gift money can’t buy: time spent with loved ones. Unless dad wants to be left alone for Father’s Day; that’s also free.

Original Post by Emily McMahon


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