No Expenses Spared At PIT

Whether you’re an avid flyer, constantly cruising in business class, or a family of five just trying to make it through the holidays, Pittsburgh International Airport has what you need. Ranked as one of the leading North American mid-sized airports, PIT has all your most needed amenities, along with amenities you never knew you needed. And thanks to a partnership with Fraport Airport Services, you can expect many more shops and stores to come-here’s highlight of some of our favorites!

Penn Brewery

What’s a trip to PIT without talking about some of it’s fantastic eating options? Located in Concourse A, Penn Brewing is famous for their delicious cast iron skillet breakfast meals, cooked and served directly in the piping pan! Serving your local pub favorites with a German twist, stop in and try a traditional German reuben or some savory Bazarian pretzel sticks. Oh, and did we mention a list of house made microbrews to go along with your meal? Make the best of your layover at Penn Brewery!


Located in the center core of floor 3, Sportzburgh is perfect for anyone that bleeds black and gold! With Steelers, Pirates, and Penguins garb as far as the eye can see, this shop has every kind of merchandise you could ever dream of. With the NFL season in full swing, make sure you’re sporting enough black and gold when your Steelers storm the field.

PGA Tour Shop

This one stop golf and accessories outlet is a hole in one!...All bad puns aside, PGA Tour Shop is the ultimate golf superstore. Equipped with the latest clubs, shoes, and apparel, along with cutting edge tech, PGA Tour Shop has everything you need to improve your game. From novice golfers to veteran pros, PGA has the right gear for all ages and skill levels.

Indoor Pet Relief Area

As the number of four legged flyers continues to skyrocket, the need for appropriate pet care and handling facilities becomes monumental. This is why PIT has took it upon themselves to create an indoor pet relief station! Located next to baggage claim and within Concourse D, these pet areas allow our furry friends to stretch their legs and mingle with other pups. Careful, there’s no roughhousing allowed!

Mothers Nursing Lounge

You don’t have to tell us twice, flying with children can be a stressful task. That’s why PIT’s, Mothers Nursing Lounge provides a comfortable, and quiet place for new mothers to care for their children. Located in Concourse C, this peaceful nook can help lessen the stress of flying with young children.

Original post by Matt McDonald


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