Reading Your Mind: Time For a New Book

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

Who isn't reading on a flight these days? Even the most tech savvy are probably reading something between takeoff and landing....if only to avoid an angry stewardess reminding us to power down. So for those of us who love to read....well RDU has our backs. You can find the latest best sellers at Hudson Booksellers (or any Hudson Newsstand).

According to the RDU website: "Offering a wide range of new titles, Hudson Booksellers has the perfect book for you. From bestsellers to business and travel guides and local authors and children’s books, you’re certain to find the book that’s the right fit for you. Hudson Booksellers also offers greeting cards, gift bags, stationary, journals, magazines, electronics DVDs, phone cards, candy, snacks office supplies and more."


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