• Chelsea Pacella

Reserve & Collect: Leave Your Items Behind

Heathrow has amazing shopping. But if you are leaving from London, buying several amazing items, then lugging them while you travel the globe is too much of a pain to make it worthwhile. That’s where Reserve & Collect comes into the picture. This free service allows you to check your purchases while you are gone and pick them up on the way back. Easy. It's a coat check for shopping.

Insider Tip: Reserve & Collect can even deliver purchases to your home (UK mainland only) for free if minimum purchase amounts are met. To utilize this service, simply ask about Reserve & Collect services at any Heathrow store.

You can pre-order products from most shops at Heathrow, even if you don’t see it online. Check the Explore Brands page or enter your flight number to see the brands available in each terminal.


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