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Updated: Jun 21, 2018

Gone are the days passengers could smoke on the plane and wear steel-toed boots through airport security. While we do not necessarily miss either of those, it's easy to admit longers lines, security and stricter regulations add stress to traveling. Airports are now viewed as the burdensome middleman between our starting points and destinations. However, many are noticing the negative attitudes and are creating unique developments to improve the passenger experience.

Let's talk about the Singapore Changi Airport. The sixth busiest airport in the world and second in the world by international passenger traffic, Changi only hosts international flights. It's not just an airport, it's a multifaceted tourist destination.

Here is why it's considered one of the world's best airports in the world.

Artful Structures

The Changi Airport has four large terminals that are connected by a monorail system. Each terminal, featuring artwork, digital structures, and gardens, appears more like a museum than an airport.

 A Million Times at Changi (T2) is an analog clock and one of the largest kinetic structures in the world. Inspired by the Arctic tern,  Birds In Flight (T3) perfectly captures the essence of the airport. Passengers waiting at the Centralized Security area can marvel at the Immersive Wall, an LED display of the Singapore skyline. A wonderful distraction from how long the line ahead of you is.

Nature walk

Changi airport's eight gardens are unique from one another, but all alleviate the stressful nature of airports. Even just five minutes in the Butterfly Garden or Orchid Garden can clear your mind before a long flight.

The gardens include:

Resort or Airport?

Traveling with children is tough. We all become restless, bored, and cranky but it's more socially acceptable for those under a certain age to lash out. The team of people who designed the Singapore Airport must know this. The Entertainment Corner (T4) features arcade games and Xbox Kinects. When they get tired of that, send them down  The Slide @ T3 a few times. It is the tallest airport slide in the world.!

Have a few hours during a layover? No...have a few days during a layover? Check out a movie or two at the movie theaters in Terminals 2 and 3 and/or unwind for a few hours at the swimming pool (T1).

Singapore is an incredible country with an incredible airport and we aren't ashamed to admit it might take a couple days to get us out of there. Unfortunately, we do still have to take off our shoes through security but it will all be worth it when you're receiving a spa treatment, feet away from your terminal.

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Original post by Emily McMahon


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