Stay Energized on the Fly

With Labor Day right around the corner, nearly every airport in America will be bustling with travellers. Although this time of year is synonymous with hotdogs and burgers, get the most out of your holiday weekend with some healthy airport options.

Big Bowl-DEN

We know better than most that eating healthy at the airport is a difficult task. Although it may be easy to grab that burger to go, a healthier option may give you the energy to start your trip off right. Winner of Opentable’s Dinner Choice Award in 2015,  Big Bowl offers tradition asian cuisine, sourced from locally grown produce. Delicious and affordable, Big Bowl boasts a plethora of vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free options. So next time you fly, bypass that bloated feeling you get from the fast food menu, and grab a summer roll or lettuce wrap-your body will thank you!

Big Bowl is located at C Gate, near gate C28 in Denver International Airport.

Hissho Sushi-BNA

Winner of SmartCEO’s Corporate Culture Award, Hissho Sushi is a fish lovers paradise. Low in fat and high in protein, Hissho has an assortment of rolled sushi, finger sushi, sashimi and much more. From hearty specialty rolls like shrimp tempura and spicy crab and cucumber, to tasty appetizers like miso soup and seaweed salad, this fast casual dining experience is packed with vitamins and minerals. Skip the empty fast food calories and grab a roll today!

Hissho Sushi is located near the C concourse Food Court.

Fresh Healthy Cafe-ATL

Those fries may be tempting, but stay strong...Fresh Healthy Cafe is right around the corner. Offering fresh squeezed juices, heart salads, melty paninis and much more, Fresh promotes wholesome, feel good food. These low-cal delights will give you the energy needed to start your Labor Day off with a bang.

Fresh Healthy Cafe is located near Gate C45.


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