Stay Stress-Free This Holiday Season

The Holiday season is right around the corner, and although it’s guaranteed to be the most wonderful time of the year...Holiday travel isn’t always so stress-free. From booking flights to airport navigation, travel season can cause a lot of unnecessary anxiety. Here are some great ways to de-stress at the airport, this holiday season!

Get Moving

Although it’s not everyone’s favorite thing to do, exercising is a great way to release pent of anxiety and frustration. Scientifically proven to increase your mood and happiness, working up a sweat at the airport will help you unwind during your layovers and flights. ROAM fitness, a travel-inspired gym located in BWI is the perfect place to work up a pre-flight sweat. With multiple locations opening this year, ROAM is the first of its kind and is a quick and easy way to escape the guilt of gorging yourself on holiday treats!

Yoga And Meditation Centers

One thing you’re not guaranteed at the airport is some peace and quiet... until now. Talk to anyone that actively does yoga or meditation, and they will tell you all about its physical and mental benefits. Airports also see the advantages of having tranquil locations for self reflection. Over 9 airports including DFW, CHI, and MIA offer yoga studios within their airport, along with dozens more offering designated tranquility rooms. Have a change of pace and some relaxation before those stressful extended family dinners!

Ship Presents Ahead Of Time

It is the giving season, but that doesn’t mean you have to give yourself a headache with luggage. Although it may be cheaper to cram as many holiday gifts into your suitcase as possible, this will only cause more travel stress. Especially if you’re traveling with children-that’s a lot to keep track of. That’s why we suggest shipping your presents ahead of time, allowing you to pack light and not stress over deciding what to bring or staying under the weight limit. A smart flyer is a happy flyer!

Emotional Support Animals

Flying can present a lot of unfamiliar situations which can cause a lot of anxiety. For many who suffer from chronic anxiety, depression or other mental illnesses, the fear of flying isn’t something that can be dealt with alone. That’s where emotional support animals come in. ESAs can provide much need therapeutic support for those who need a little extra company while on the go. These animals come in the form of dogs, cats, rabbits and other cuddly companions (depending on your airline). Although no specific training for these animals is required, it’s vitally important that these animals are properly registered and an evaluation letter from a mental health professional also be provided. This ensures your pet is safe and able to fly!

Original Post by Matt McDonald


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