Top 4 Airport Engagements

Updated: Jun 21, 2018

Heart racing, sweaty palms, and love fueling the courage building to take the next step. These feelings are what it takes to take it to the next level and make a lifetime memory. Getting engaged is one of the best moments in long as she says yes! More and more, people are creating clever ways to surprise the loves of their lives in unexpected places. How does the airport sound? After all, some of the best memories in life are associated with travel. We’ve searched high and low for heart-warming, tissue-dabbing airport engagements that may even inspire your own inner amante.

1. Best Wedding Proposal at LAX

Creative, charming, and musical. Who wouldn't want to marry this romantic songbird? Skip to 3:33 to see the singing knight get on one knee with a beautiful ring.

2. A Christmas Surprise at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne Country Airport (DTW)

Roses are red; violets are blue, wait a 100 days to see if he loves you too! Emma waits to surprise her Air Force man at the gate. Little does she know she’s the one that gets the true surprise of a lifetime. After being handed a bulk of roses, Jon greets his princess at 1:52 to pop the question. Let's see if she she says yes.

3. JAX Airport Wedding Proposal

Natalie and Matt seem to always rekindle their love at the airport. Why not record a memorable moment that’ll last for years to come? Just a day after Valentine's Day, Matt perfectly times the cutest, most sincere proposal at Jacksonville International Airport. Grab a tissue as 2:16 marks the sweet spot for a heartfelt and  engagement any woman dreams.

4. Cutest Airport Engagement Ever!

Eager to see his beautiful girlfriend, Alex greeted Jasmina with a pink rose and heart-warming hug. Five years may seem long but for these two it's just the beginning. Skip to 1:29, as Alex commits to take their relationship to the next level with the ring of her dreams. Check out that ring!

The power of love is a beautiful gift. After long travels through the airport, it's good to know there's a special person that will always be around.What are you waiting for? Hit that play button while you wait to board! Or maybe you will pop the big question over this holiday weekend? If so, send us your video and we'll share with your fellow frequent flying romantics.  Why not make Labor Day into Labor of Love Day?


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